The things you wanted seems never physically exist, 2017
Projection with moving image on installation
Loose bananas, metal and aluminum Dibond

Duration : 4mins 30 seconds
dimension: approximate w:2.5m h:2.5m X d: 4m/depends on the space


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All work and photographs © Kang Gao

Kang Gao

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  • About the work

    'The bananas emphasizes its own ephemeral aesthetic, which was derived from this temporality, followed with the contingency and randomness inside ‘Nausea’. From its heritage of negating the objects we are encountering in our ‘presence’ here by their linguistic absences, to, push it even further, it forces the audiences to question the physical presences around us, and exactly what they may be.

    Inside the digital part of the work, dozens of, in a measure, precisely hand drawn bananas with di erential spatial perceptions constantly ash in and out, However, none of them can be the proper presentation of the idea of the ‘true’ wanted banana; none of them can even exist for very long. The presented angles of the representations, or simulacrums, of the bananas are merely extracted by the favor of my sub-consciousness thought adequate on numbers. The words and the drawings seem to be located in one coherent dialogue with two unidenti ed characters, and yet, the texts and the drawings can also be seen as a sequence of ques- tions with their own answer and a collection of drawings respectively. Therefore, it was we as the audience who simply fall into this gap of forever-anticipating causes and e ects, so, this very obvious relation- ship seems unnecessary after all'


    Text source: artist website 

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