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All work and photographs © Juliane Tübke

Juliane Tübke

  • About the artist

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    Juliane Tübke graduated from UdK Berlin in February 2018. She studied in the sculpture class taught by Monica Bonvicini. 

  • About the work

    tentare is a juxtaposition of different photographs that thematically deal with my attempt to develop a sense for stone as a material. "tentare" (lat.) means both "to feel" and "to try".
    The basis for these photographs is a special paper that archaeologists use to make imprints of rock inscriptions. I use this imprinting technique in several ways to explore the qualities of various stone surfaces. The paper serves as a carrier for the traces that were revealed at the end of the process. Finally, the paper is illuminated and photographed in my studio.

    I am interested in the idea that materials can have agency and in the idea that we humans can not only change material, but that material has a certain reciprocal effect and can also affect us. tentare was thus an attempt to approach a material that is commonly regarded as a passive substance. A substance that waits only to be shaped by the human hand or to gain meaning through it. How could we think of material itself as an actor?

    The more I tried to get to the bottom of this question and to explore various stones, the more they seemed to evade comprehension. Perhaps the agency of a material is not necessarily revealed in what it enables us to do, but rather in what we cannot do with it.


    Text by Juliane Tübke

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