touch, contact, impact, 2018

single channel video projection

09:50 Min, sound


copyright for all images: Juliane Bülow

Juliane Bülow

  • About the artist

    Juliane Bülow graduated from HGB Leipzig in February 2018. She studied in the Expanded Cinema class taught by Prof. Clemens Wedemeyer.

  • About the work

    Touch, contact, the encounter with something. The hand touches. The hand is working. A body is touched. Things are touching each other. A triggering moment. A connection. A movement. Bülow’s film made from found footage from the internet creates an associative narrative. Different meanings flow through this arrangement, different associations are stimulated, superimposed by others, replaced or questioned again. The collage-like blending of images and sound generates new contexts for the scenes. A collection of moments in which things touch, created through an intuitive selection: Contact, movement, rhythm, difference, resonance.

    The film is dedicated to the question of the meaning of touch, the search for boundaries between inside and outside, and the tactile experience of intervening, working, playing, and sensual contact with the world.

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