Bucky, I'm bored, 2018

Wood, string, eye-screws and paint


Individual element of multimedia installation, The Last 'ee aw' of Buridan's Ass


All work and photographs © Julia Hopkins

Julia Hopkins

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    'Last year I became interested in the geometry of nature and brutalist architecture. My research led me to Buckminster Fuller and his famous geodesic dome. I set myself the task of building a geodesic dome from scratch and designed it so that I would be able to stand up straight in the centre. I managed to complete the task and the dome filled my 3.5m square studio space. The task complete, I worked inside the dome for a few days but soon got tired of crawling in and out of triangles. I dismantled it and began experimenting with the pieces. What else could I make with them? Repetitively constructing and deconstructing was back-breaking. I began to favour the unsymmetrical over the symmetrical and then focussed on what could be considered the antithesis of the original dome: small, pathetic, seemingly pointless groupings. I was done with the dome; with its utopian ideals; with perfection. 'Bucky' was, in fact, Buckminster Fuller's nickname and the title of the work is a play on the title of an album by Evan Dando (Baby I'm Bored, 2003).'


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