Surrogate #7, 2018

Fired terracotta 

40 x 10 x 15 cm


Individual element of multimedia installation, The Last 'ee aw' of Buridan's Ass


All work and photographs © Julia Hopkins

Julia Hopkins

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  • About the work

    'The Surrogates started life as therapy. I wanted to do something slow and physical, using my hands and I didn't want to have to think. I soon realised that the forms that were emerging were unintentionally bodily. Gaston Bachelard wrote about the way that snails extrude their shells and I felt that I, too, was somehow extruding these forms. I sat cross-legged on the floor throughout, working the clay in my lap with my hands. As the clay began to harden it would feel just like skin pulled taut over muscle. Pushing holes through the clay body could be considered, then, an act of violence. Yet, as a child at the beach, it seemed obvious, after making a big sandcastle, to make a hole that ran all the way through it so that you could touch someone's fingers in the middle. Perhaps then, this work is about touch; about connection. But as with Twiddle Dumb Simple, the only other fingers I touch during the process are my own. Again, subject and object fuse, opening a portal to an ego-less time-space. There are currently eight surrogates.'


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