Dancing with the Noonday Demon, 2018

Projected video

3 hrs, 30 mins loop


Individual element of multimedia installation, The Last 'ee aw' of Buridan's Ass


All work and photographs © Julia Hopkins

Julia Hopkins

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  • About the work

    'Soma cubes, bedlam cubes, diabolical cubes. There is a theme running through the names of these puzzle cubes. They are devilishly difficult to complete; they may even drive one to madness. I set myself the arduous and tedious task of making several of these cubes to play with. It seemed important that I made them by hand; this investment of time and energy would imbue the wooden blocks with my own personal history. 

    Noonday Demon is a term associated with acedia, melancholy or boredom. Between the hours of 10am and 2pm, the hottest time of day in the desert, ascetic monks living out their lonely, devoted lives in caves would suddenly be overcome by a sense of tedium, depression and nostalgia for home. It was the most testing time and Noonday Demon was held responsible!

    Having finished making hundreds of individual pieces of various puzzle cubes I began to play with them. I had some success completing the three by three soma cubes but was completely at a loss trying to solve the four by four bedlam and diabolical cubes. After failing many times over, my frustration at getting stuck turned into amusement. Hello failure, here we are again! I decided to embrace these moments and let my failures lead me in new directions, leaving the search for  perfection and success behind.'


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