Self-portal #2, 2018

White chalk on wall, 

3 x 3 m


Individual element of multimedia installation, The Last 'ee aw' of Buridan's Ass



All work and photographs © Julia Hopkins

Julia Hopkins

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    'Light, body, stick, chalk, wall. Repetitive, toil on body. Shadow escapes body. Shadow as an aspect of body that isn’t body. She moves, it moves. It feels no pain. It is free of flesh, skin, bone, muscle, vein, failure. But it follows her or precedes her. it is her. it isn’t her. it is light around her. She is blocking the light. A trick. It is the light that is visible, not the shadow. But the human sees herself. She sees herself. She recognises herself in the dark space left by the light. She recognises her existence as a body, as a light-blocking object. She exists. She was here. here and here. A body was definitely here and this is how far it could move within the light; whilst keeping light outside of it.' 


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