90 concrete plates with digital prints and exposed photopaper

dimensions variable

Jolanda Todt

  • About the artist

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  • About the work

    GE-SCHICHTE_N examines the relationship of different medial approaches towards stories and history. 

    How is history constructed? How can I experience history? Which stories are told? What is the relationship between narration, imagination and information? Which narrations are formed by specific constellations? In which ways are they perceived through subjective perception?


    Starting point of my timetravel was the figure of my great-grandfather who was holding a position as a „Landrat“ in Pabianice (Poland) from 1940-43. Within the installation I am working with three different approaches towards that time and space: analogue photographies of the historical places, archive-material and excerpts of an interview that I was taking with my grandfather, who experienced the time in Poland as a child.