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All work and photographs © Johannes Bansmann

Johannes Bansmann

  • About the artist

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    Johannes Bansmann (born 1989) studied with Karsten Konrad and Katja Strunz at UdK Berlin and received his Diploma as a Meisterschüler in February 2018.

  • Artist statement

    What is a human being doing on this planet?
    I am looking for images, processes and spaces that deal with this question.
    I see all works as parts of open series that grow and overlap over time, as do the materials within artistic works or thoughts in philosophy.
    I use them as tools that adapt to the situation.
    At this point in time, the result of my observations usually lies in the visualisation of recurring and seemingly pointless processes.
    I don't see my work as a quest for meaning. It is the embodiment of my questions and answers alike.
    The works fit into a situation and retain only the basic conceptual framework.

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