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all work and photographs © Jocelyn McGregor

Jocelyn McGregor

  • About the artist

    Jocelyn McGregor graduated from Slade School of Fine Art in 2017. 

  • Artist statement

    I’m on the hunt for the point of transition between internal and external, real and imagined worlds. Using my own body as a starting point, I explore the inside/outside topography of the female form, looking to folklore, surrealism and supernatural fiction to investigate the identification of women with the earth, the home and the machine.


    The materials I use - domestic fabrics, beauty products, earth pigments, industrial materials – represent for me a point of transition for the body, the moment it meets the organic or the manufactured world. I use absorbent materials that, due to their proximity to our bodies, play into tales surrounding the haunted object, where inanimate objects assume human qualities; from dolls and charms to animated furniture and aircraft parts. For my sculptures, I combine these signifiers to blur the boundaries between the natural world and the manufactured one, resulting in a super-natural hybrid of the two.

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