Wolken von Daheim, 2018

Video-Sound-Installation, projector, halftransparent mirror, recording that was done during filming in my parent's garden


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All work and photographs © Jana Frech

Jana Frech

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  • About the work

    A video projection of clouds from my homeland is projected into the room via semi-transparent mirrors using a projector.


    The projector illuminates the first mirror, which reflects the projection while simultaneously letting it through. The projection can therefore be seen a total of 4 times: On the front side of the mirror, on the back side as well as the reflection of the front side and the transmitted projection on the other side of the room.


    The reflection of the first mirror is intercepted by a second mirror and again the projection is visible 4 times, but weaker this time. This principle is repeated with additional mirrors depending on the room size.


    Jana Frech

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