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all work and photographs © James Rollo

James Rollo

  • About the artist


    2015 - 2017  UCL Slade School of Fine Art, First Degree, Master of Fine Arts 

    2013 - 2015 OCAD University, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours)

    2003 - 2008 Queen’s University, Bachelor of Science (Honours)


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  • Artist statement

    I am a new media, installation, and performance artist with a practice that examines the relationship between audience, object, and space. I view my work as an experiential and visual glitch of the everyday, interrupting the audience’s modes of engagement by reconfiguring and/or defamiliarising everyday objects and space. This is a way of creating, exploring, and or moving the predescribed and preconditioned boundaries of art, media and space for the audience to navigate, question, rub up against, be repelled from, be attracted to, etc. Essentially I see value in rupturing the rules of engagement. 

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