Wholesale Mythologies, 2018


Works that are part of the series: 


Wall Assembly, 2018
Poly strap weavings, insulation foam, zinc, copper, steel, machining wax, polypropylene, cast aluminium. 
120 (h) x 120 (w) x 30 (d) cm


Bumper Bench, 2018
Rubber Chippings, Jesmonite 
58 (h) x 120 (w) x 50 (d) cm 


Incision / Extraction 070418 09:22, 2018
Polystrap, Jesmonite, Edge protection handling foam. 
64 (h) x 46 (w) x 3 (d) cm


Trolley, 2018
Poly straps, copper, zinc plated steel, castors.
78 (h) x 120 (w) x 58 (d) cm


Corrugated Tracks, 2018
Electroformed uncoated Copper 
64 (h) x 46 (w) x 0.04 (d) cm


Compression Panels, 2018
Poly strap weavings, assorted archive of materials, zinc, copper, steel, cast aluminium.
120 (h) x 120 (w) x 30 (d) cm


Fieldwork, 2018
Electroformed Copper
17 (h) x 17 (w) x 6 (d) cm


All work and photographs © James Fuller

James Fuller

  • About the artist

    James Fuller
    b.1988, living and working in London.


    MA Sculpture 2016-2018

    Royal College of Art


    Recipient of the Kenneth Armitage Post-graduate Sculpture Prize 2018 and the Tiffany's x Outset studiomakers award 2018


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  • About the work

    Present within all of my work is the flow of material, flow of the hand, flow of capital — the flow-state of production— accessed through different means. Alternating between a position of shame, censure, and celebration.


    Wholesale mythologies (2018) is a durational series of work consisting of multiple layers and objects concerned with reconfiguring the material palette of the wholesale market, where organic and non-organic matter, arrange and rearrange themselves on the surface as a byproduct of the commercial activity. Interfering with the emerging configurations of often pristine waste—discarded during early morning exchanges, before the reset, the restart. Within this cycle is an absent space, inhabited by invisible figures with alternative motives. To collect, to feed, to re-use, to re-imagine. The site to some extent, becomes an anthropological space for the re-emergence of new more critical objects from the same component parts or fleeting moments.


    The tyre becomes the road as the floor becomes the wall and the public becomes private. 


    Text provided by the artist

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    Instagram: @james_richard_fuller

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