The World, 2018
Tarot cards, stories, pearls, eggs, analogue photographs, flag, plants, sea snail, stone, apple, drawing, amulet.
Dimensions variable
Kommunalka, Leipzig.


All work and photographs © Isidora Gilardi

Isidora Gilardi

  • About the artist

    b. Santiago de Chile, 1992
    currently studying at the Städelschule (Willem de Rooij class)
    2018 Meisterschülerin, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (Alba D’Urbano class)
    2015 Fine Arts Graduate, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
    art&crap member

  • About the work

    According to Pliny the Elder’s account, representation was originated by the urge of a Corinthian maid to cling to her departing lover by drawing the outline of the cast shadow of his profile. In the proximity of his absence, the girl identified the shadow of her beloved as the last trace of his presence. When both the shadow and the body that projected it became absent, the marks on the wall turned into the embodiment of the one who is gone. It was an object of affection.


    «The World» is a constellation of objects, minerals, plants, photographs and images that are associated with each other through resemblance. From affection and aversion, these things, as most of the things, could both be themselves and exceed themselves as being metaphors of others. They unfold into each other in relationships of kinship and affection, weaving stories that transcend them. It is an attempt to understand affective or sensible ways to depict, grasp and give meaning to the world. Meanings that are supported by a scaffolding of allegories.


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