Public Viewing Sculpture, 2017

Wood, metal, polyurea, fabric

Il-Jin Atem Choi

  • About the work

    The sculptures KopfscheinpflasterDer einbeinige Herrscher kehrt zurück and Public Viewing Sculpture by Il-Jin Atem Choi are characterstic for their unusual complexity formalized by his use of several artistic materials, such as wood, styrofoam,hot glue and metal. Choi’s view on the texture and form of (casual) objects culminates in the fusion and merger of the used materials by applying Polyurea – an industrial sealing technology. The singular components of the work develop a sovereignty through their unifying grey cover, resolving their prior and partly functional meaning. It is this combination of multilayered texture and transparency that attracts viewers. Choi’s work thereby highlights – not only the quality and material of the sculptures – but the empty spaces (the atmosphere) as well.



    Intro to an interview with the artist published by MMK Frankfurt in November 2017. Click here to read the article.  


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