This work was realised in collaboration with Ellen Pritzkau


Iason Islands, 2018

Sound installation/performance, 15 loudspeakers, stereo P.A. with subwoofer, laptop, microfone, nylon string

duration variable


All work and photographs © Iason Roumkos

Iason Roumkos

  • About the artist

    Iason Roumkos graduated from HFBK Hamburg in 2018 with a Master of Fine Arts. His focus of study was time based media with prof. Michaela Melián

  • About the work

    A sound system was developed especially for the work Iason Islands, in which a polyphonic sound backdrop is created with the help of fifteen inconspicuous loudspeakers suspended from the ceiling. This is revealed to the audience through the spatial arrangement of the sound and their own movement in the installation.


    The room is empty except for the centrally placed technology (music system, laptop, microphone). The static noise, which at the beginning sounds like a waterfall or an airplane, develops into a filigree sound structure and dissolves after some time into a rhythmic hiss, which can be heard from different positions within the room, and then synchronizes together with a drum loop. This sound collage follows a fixed sequence and consists of edited field recordings of sea noise, sprinklers or traffic lights from Iason Roumkos's sound archive.


    As the sound gets closer and closer to recognizable musical structures and more sounds are added, Roumkos enters the room and begins to replace the sound collage with his voice and clapping. He loops voice and clapping, creating a complex sound cluster of harmonies and polyrhythmic loops that build up orchestrally one after the other on each individual loudspeaker and then seamlessly return to the beginning of the sound collage after a while.


    Text in German provided by the artist.

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