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All work and photographs © Helen Pilkington

Helen Pilkington

  • About the artist

    Helen Pilkington is a London-based artist who specialises in mixed media installations. A graduate of Central Saint Martins, London, she completed a Masters in Fine Art in 2018. 


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  • Artist statement

    My artistic process involves the meticulous selection and abstraction of material and the examination and dissection of my subject matter. Like a rag picker, I move through life, scanning the world for reference points in which to ground this method. Coming from a shoemaking background, threads, fibres and textures appear throughout my work. As a Londoner, dust, grime and detritus also act as a medium. These materials are gathered as I forensically trace the domestic and urban landscapes within which I reside. The juxtaposition of these worlds - the personal and political – serves to provide an inner tension in my work. Through this undertaking, not only found objects, but also found moments are captured, and a visual story is created. My work is about undoing the tangle of life - unpicking it – and in doing so investigating the seductive madness of my reality. By observing daily rituals in the home, which would otherwise go unnoticed, I re-identified myself as an active agent within this sphere.


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