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All work and photographs © Harriet Florence Farmer

Harriet Florence Farmer

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    2016-2018 Royal College of Art,MA

    2013-2016 Brighton University, BA 


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  • Artist statement

    'Consciousness, in some form, is present in everything. The ultimate reality, or what one takes this to be, is only ever a fetter which binds each of us to the physical world.


    My paintings are traces of action, emotion and time. Through layering and erasure, I suggest forms and an illusionary surface is gradually revealed through my process. A measure of time is traced in the surface, but this seems to defy total capture.


    The paintings I produce are initially conceived through sculptural investigations. These accompany the paintings in the studio as they are made. The sculptures are the result of a performative and intuitive instinct that sits in relation to matter, which binds us to the physical world. 


    Ultimately, the paintings are a search for an alchemy of instinct and process and are driven by forces of action and my engagement with literature.'


     -Harriet Florence Farmer

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