Duden, 2018




All work and photographs © Hanhan Yuan

Hanhan Yuan

  • About the artist

    Hanhan Yuan graduated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in July 2018.

  • About the work

    02.05.2016 06:09PM
    You sat in front of me, looking down at your phone, typing a

    You looked like you were about to go, maybe, on a date.

    The first thing that caught my eyes, was the tattoo on your arm.
    It had a special shape, with a structure and form I had never
    seen. The neat pattern suited the color of your skin.

    Then, there was a thing that looked like a whip--a soft whip,
    lying in your trousers’ pocket.

    No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't see your face clearly.

    I can’t describe the appearance of your face.

    I looked at your expression when you were sending the message;

    I looked at your mouth; I could see a smile pretending to be a
    grin in the corner of your lips.

    You tried to control it.

    I tried to read your mind.

    Your skin was pale but not delicate. A black color shirt, pans
    and red shoes, how suitable for you.

    I could smell your hair, it had a smell from the sea.

    I was charmed by you.

    I kept looking at you, hoping that you would suddenly feel my

    Then I took a photo... for you.



    12.05.2018 06:20PM


    You stood behind me.


    I could feel your warmth. You dressed just like last time.


    I recognized you at first sight. You made my heart race.


    I wanted to call out to you. But I could not.


    I wanted to call your name.


    I searched around in my brain, in an ocean of words, in every dictionary-- Every body, every thing, even a kind of feeling, or a movement all have a name, but I can’t, I can't find a word to call you, to make you look at me.


    Text provided by the artist



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