Vigilance, 2018
Digitalised 16mm film

4minutes 56 seconds


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All work © Gabriella Hirst, photographs © Katarzyna Perlak

Gabriella Hirst

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  • About the work

    Vigilance is the final portrait of a house and of the plant which continued to inhabit that house once the people who had lived there for half a century were no longer around. 

    The Queen of the Night (night blooming cereus cactus) blooms just one night in the year. It had been a protagonist of my grandparents house and appears in many family photos. 


    On my last visit to Australia, both house and plant were due for imminent dismantling. I used three rolls of 16mm film and rationed out what was to be archived, in an attempt to prolong that temporary state between when the living leave and the dismantling begins, when a home becomes a museum.


    Having missed the chance in life to witness the rare blooming of this Night Blooming Cereus flower, I found a synthetic copy of it's scent online, and so the perfume: “Desert Queen by Once in a Bloom Fragrances”, which was intermittently dispersed throughout the space for the duration of the exhibition.


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