The Night Watch, 2017
Digital Video documentation of Live Performance
9 minutes 30 seconds


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All work and photographs © Gabriella Hirst

Gabriella Hirst

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  • About the work

    The Night Watch takes cue from the film noir trope of the hidden observer whose presence is only known by the glowing tip of their lit cigarette. This cinematic image is multiplied into a mis-en-scene of 30 + performers, who for the filming were arranged on ladders, smoking silently in a completely blacked-out space. The lit cigarettes in the dark at various heights produce the effect of a twinkling field of stars; the scene slips between human and astrological scale. The Night Watch is, on one hand, a response to the sensation of being surveilled by those whom one cannot see (a familiar contemporary experience), and, on the other hand, a make-shift version of the individual's romantic confrontation when faced with the infinite sublime sky.


    Text source: artist website

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