Fragment of Ecstasy, 2016


Filipe Lippe

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    Fragment of is an ongoing series of visual poems that critically analyzes the production, documentation, dissemination and archiving of photographic images in the contemporary world and their impact on everyday life. The series is produced exclusively with images found on the web and flirts with the advertising language of global capitalism to confront the doubts and fragmentations of life today, as well as to reveal the power structures hidden behind the current political, economic and sociocultural models adopted by contemporary societies. The short sentences superimposed on the images recollected by the artist problematize the relation between image and text/legend while simultaneously recode the images poetically. Thus, the series expands the possibilities of reading the many images that configure the present reality and shape our subjectivity. The internet as a place of infinite and uncontrolled storage of memories becomes the starting point for a deep reflection on the role that the images play in the world today and the attitude that questions the structural systems of order and distribution of culture implied by the industrialization, mediatization and digitalization in advanced capitalist societies. In this context, both historical images and present images cross and (dis)organize the archivist and mnemonic functions of photographic accumulation. The works of the series are displayed in exhibition spaces in the form of slide projections and/or as printed works on paper. In this case, the printed works are pasted on actual advertising posters recollected from the streets and displaced into the exhibition space.

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