Weltwehmut – Essays (Dilma Rousseff), 2012

pencil on old book,

20 x 27 cm.

Filipe Lippe

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    Weltwehmut is a series of drawings about collective memory. In recent years, Lippe has been using a vast archive of photographic images found in books, old magazines, newspapers, and family photo albums in order to create his drawings. By adding new visual elements and textual fragments to the images, Lippe reflects on life and memory by presenting a surrealic reality located in somewhere between a distant past and an uncertain future. In Weltwehmut the past emerges from the dark drawers of memory to buzz in the ears of our political conscience in such works as Essays (Dilma Rousseff) from 2012 in which the Brazilian former president is seen with a black book covering her face in her trial during the Brazilian military dictatorship (the picture was taken when she was still a young guerrilla in the 60’s/70’s and not yet a relevant polititician). The series aims to create new possible ways of looking at mankind and its history, while playing with the recent visual legacy of modernity/contemporaneity and its strangest aspects, the unheimlich. It is about the human tragicomedy and the melancholic laugh of time.

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