Imaginary Museum of (Under)Development, 2017

mixed media

dimensions variable

Filipe Lippe

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    The work Imaginary Museum of (Under)Development is an ongoing project that aims to establish a critical look at the history of Western socio-economic development and its civilizing process by using the debris created by this same development as a starting point for its research. The work/museum “collection” is composed by the artist’s own works as well as works donated by other artists, and archive material (films, old footages, photographic images, documents, texts and objects) related to the history of (under)development. The first section of the work/museum entitled Other Faces is dedicated to the memories erased by the Western colonialist project and its normativity. Focusing on Brazil, Lippe explores in this section of the work/museum the epistemologies, cosmogonies and cultural heritage that were erased during colonialism in the Americas and Africa in order to disturb the current official historical and cultural narratives. One of the works that integrates this section is Amerindian Memorial that presents a black panel leaned against the wall in which the viewer can see a small monitor through a hole, showing the footage of Ailton Krenak’s Speech/performance/protest for the rights of indigenous peoples in Amazonia held in the Brazilian parliament in 1987. In his Speech/performance/protest, Krenak – one of the most active indigenous activists in Brazil – paints his face in black while speaking about the need of establishing rights for indigenous groups from the whole country and symbolizing mourning for the indigenous extermination in Brazil. But if on one hand the artist examines reality cruelly, on the other hand he also uses the poetic delirium as a way of overcoming reality and historical traumas. This is visible due to the use of archive material juxtaposed with absurd drawings and poems, unexpected cultural connections, compositions created with everyday objects and also by stimulating the public, scholars, curators and other artists to participate of the work. Thus the artist creates an organic, non-hierarchical, metamorphic, collective and anarchic work/museum that contradicts the closed structures of power of official archives and musems. The Imaginary Museum of (Under)Development problematizes poetically themes such as immigration, the concept of belonging, sexual and identity politics, environmental problems and the effects of economy and ideology on people.




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