Imaginary Museum of (Under)Development, 2017

mixed media

dimensions variable

Filipe Lippe

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  • About the artist and his work

    Filipe Lippe is an artist and poet born in 1986, in Duque de Caxias, based in Rio de Janeiro and Hamburg, Germany. In his artistic practice he often revisits historical issues in order to address the problems of today. He is deeply engaged in a constant questioning of human existence struggling between a tragic past and the uncertainties of the present. He is interested in the roles that broadly distributed images from the past, as well as collective memory, history, language, and narration play in our societies and how these can affect and influence life. The idea of anthropophagy, as well as postcolonial studies, counterculture, psychoanalysis, cultural critique, and post-marxist studies are often problematized in his works. He has used a vast archive of images, as well as found objects to elaborate paintings, prints, installations, verbivocovisual poems, performances, and collages that relate to each other through the contamination of forms and internal migrations transforming his works many times in a Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art). For him art can be a fundamental platform of encounter, dialogue and social inclusion, an agent of social, political and cultural transformation. Filipe Lippe is graduated in art by EBA-UFRJ and concluded his MA in painting at HFBK-Hamburg. He has made several solo and group exhibitions in Brazil and Germany since 2008. 

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