Syrien - Deutschland, 2018

Oil on paper

each work 20 x 20 cm


All work and photographs © Farah Khalifeh

Farah Khalifeh

  • About the artist

    Farah Khalifeh studied at UdK Berlin and received her Diploma in July 2018.

  • About the work

    The work refers to the differences I see between Syria and Germany. As a newcomer, one feels these things from a different psychological point of view. (War/Peace). After two years in Germany and two visits to Syria, I have documented my feelings about these differences in my work.


    All of the pictures are 20x20 cm. I've found that anything can change at any minute. After the loss of my old pictures I decided to use a travel format so that my work is always close to me and easy to carry.


    I started documenting my thoughts on the differences and my memories, then I started to paint from memory based on those thoughts.


    I took the photographs that are part of the presentation during my last visit to Syria in a destroyed area where I spent much of my childhood.


    The journey from Berlin to Lebanon and then to Damascus takes seven hours. However, the influence and psychological consequences of the journey takes months. You live with the pain for months afterwards.


    The presentation shows a few pages from my diary as well as some photographs.


    A gap is left deliberately because some feelings and memories simply can’t be written or painted!


    Text provided by the artist