Fabio Cirillo

  • about the artist

    Fabio Cirillo studied Sculpture with Professor Thomas Demand at HFBK Hamburg

  • about the work

    The performance took place in the courtyard of the art school and could be viewed from the first floor window, as if standing on a balcony. Loutspeakers amplified the sound. 


    Text handed out with performance: 




    Here we are, merging...

    here we are.... merging together.

    So tell me, where do you think we are now? Do you think this is hell?

    Yes, but its also a garden.(1)


    Could you describe something beautiful to me? Anything.

    Let me be the mirror that reflects this image, that absorbs your dreams, just for now. I can assume many shapes, because I have the magic in me, and you have the power to make me feel good. 


    People say that I make them happy, that I bring people luck. But make no mistake, for this is a mutual exchange, but let's not think about that right now. 


    I can feel your piercing gaze, but I know you are listening to me without trying to impose your reality onto mine, and I thank you for that. 


    Do you remember when we went to dinner together? It was August and the sky was cloudy. At times a ray of sunlight would permeate the clouds to calm my sweaty palms. How many times have we been afraid to look at each other? How many times have we had to hide from one another?

    You told me that time does not exist; that time is a concept that belongs to Western cultures, and its idea has been stained with the stench of capitalism.

    Instead you told me that the only real time was the distance between us. Such a beautiful idea that still moves me today, because I know we both suffered this distance. Yet when you left I thought my time here was over. Isn't it Strange that this concept that seemed to have no reason to exist for us then, in the end, became so real with such impetus.

    I came to realise then that you had the power to set this distance between us all along. 


    Now we live in a rush for realisation, to see everything at once. To realise and satisfy all our desires without having the chance to really understand - to take with us - what we have done. 


    If I could describe what you see and what you think... If your reality was mine too... then maybe we could understand better. However we do not try to keep this distance between us, I wish to overcome myself. I don't want to hide behind any categories. That would only work against us. Aristotle was wrong!

    Who really needs categories to survive? I certainly would not fit in a box.


    You have been my evolution. The thing that has really changed me. You turn me out of the white cage, dissolving outside in the air, liberating myself. 

    I've heard that the PH of the sea is decreasing as it is absorbing too much pollution. It's a disease that makes the water turn acidic. 

    Many fish will become extinct soon, and we? What will happen to us? Our bodies are becoming more acidic, as we also absorb said pollution. And I? I absorbed every last drop, but never cried any tears back. I will continue to look for us, even if we are dissolving. 


    I remember this one time I saw a bride stood by a lake. Swimming in the water was her husband, beckoning to her. Full of glee, she jumped into the water. 

    I watched as she failed to resurface, until I realised what had happended; her dress, once elevating her beauty with elegance, had turned into her heavy demise...

    slowly sinking her lower and lower until she was fully submerged. 

    Sometimes I believe that I am this bride. That I am still in the water trying to liberate myself from that heavy dress. 

    I wonder if you were there in the water with me...

    I wonder if you would've helped me...


    (1) - Moscato, E. (1980-82) Orfani veleni - Scannasurice, Signurì, signurì..., Co'Stell'Azioni, Orfani veleni, Milano, Ubulibri, 2007