Archiv Naturabbildungen

104 single pages, 20 x 26 cm

Edition of 50 

Dorothee Waldenmaier

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  • About the work

    When we hear the term “nature” we have certain visual associations. There are a multitude of images in our minds that we’re used to associating with nature – a multifaceted spectrum of images is constantly being created within the framework of cultural exploration of nature. With the help of pictures, one tries to examine, depict, tell, and conserve. In this way, a complex visual cosmos emerges, which is growing exponentially, especially in the age of digital imaging.


    The Archive of Nature Images is a pictorial treatise about depictions of nature. It contains a selection of different pictures, texts, and quotes that are intended to inspire reflection on the view of the plant world. The work gives an insight into the innumerable pictorial worlds that have arisen in the context of humans’  occupation with flora.


    Text in German by Dorothee Waldenmaier