#Celentanokhd, Installationsansicht Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Ausstellung Akademie [Arbeitstitel] 2017/18


All work © Dora Celentano, photographs © Katja Illner

Dora Celentano

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    'In the large-format work on paper #celentanokhd, Dora Celentano transforms the world of digital images, returning them to analogue. An oversized, rolled up sheet of paper stretches along the balustrade. Motifs drawn in coloured pens and felt-tip pens run rhythmically over the format like an ornamental structure. The hand-drawn motifs come from digital photo communities and refer to the search term "Kunsthalle Düsseldorf".


    Celentano collects these digital forms of representation of “Kunsthalle Düsseldorf” on Pinterest and translates them into analogue drawings. The resulting drawings are then uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag "celentanokhd" during the course of the exhibition. Celentano consciously works with digital overlays and the ubiquitous flood of images. The apparently never-ending, huge roll of paper suggests a great number of images and complexity. The algorithms of the platform also repeatedly present faulty assumptions. In the digital world, these images often appear as overlapping and in comparison with each other. Celentano’s intricate drawings order the images into a geometric arrangement. Each motif is individually recognizable and gets its own space. In this way, a clearly delimited, evenly repeating structure with permanence is created in an otherwise ephemeral and diffusely appearing digital world of images.'


    Text in German by Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

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