Help us build an art studio, in collaboration with Bekk Wells, 
​participatory and durational performance, Tate Exchange, London, 2018


All work and photographs © Diana Lloyd

Diana Lloyd

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  • About the work

    'As part of Studio Complex: With Central Saint Martins at Tate Exchange, the public were invited to construct with us a temporary, den-style art studio made of discarded, found, and everyday materials and objects.  This was a participatory and durational performance undertaken for one day, as our art studio was constructed on-site, gradually occupying a defined area of space.

    Help us build an art studio explores temporary structures and sculptures that are assembled through the facilitation of creative improvisation, play and performance in which participants co-create an art studio with us. We consider this as an act of questioning the functionality of the studio, when the act of building the studio with others is all that is required to make the artwork. We believe that making sculptures and assemblages is more interesting when you can make it with others. By using everyday and discarded materials to construct our studio within an art gallery and alongside a corporate and luxurious skyline, the work also highlights underlying tensions that exist between current financial constraints and the aspirations of creative freedom.'


    Text source: Artist website