drag, fold, talk included as part of Complex Topography: The Pavilion for the Folkestone Fringe in parallel with the Folkestone Triennial, September 2017.


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All work and photographs © Diana Lloyd

Diana Lloyd

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  • About the work

    'Global Art Joint Project 2017 between Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and Tokyo University of the Arts.  The project was led by faculty members of both Universities; O JUN, Shihoko Iida, Taro Shinoda, Mark Dunhill, Graham Ellard and Richard Gasper. 

    drag, fold, talk is a process of public participatory play and improvisation, which constructs an alternative, temporary and makeshift space that is always changing for the duration of the Folkestone Triennial.  The space occupies an area external to the Pavilion in which the crescent shape resembles a coastline facing out to the sea, suggesting how the tides of the sea can bring in and out different materials, ideas and conversations.'


    Text source: Artist website