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Dawn M Gaietto

  • About the artist

    dawn m gaietto is lens-based artist practicing in London. She is currently working towards her doctorate at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. The research project is entitled, What is happening here? [exploits of the nonhuman agent].

  • About the work

    Beginning from the position of questioning the Nature/Culture binary, What is happening here? [exploits of the nonhuman], is a project working towards the erasure of this binary. Currently there are many academic and artistic projects that undermine the restrictive understanding of Nature within the binary, yet Culture remains mostly unscathed. This research project is an art practice engaging with active nonhuman agents, under the guise of anthrodecentric art, thus examining the notion of Culture. Through this simultaneous undoing of the Nature and Culture binary, this art practice seeks to visualise the agency of nonhumans and to activate the collective whole.


    Anthrodecentric art examines the notion of Culture and question how art is active in establishing the collective as a visible and emerging mind space. This questioning process takes multiple forms, most notably: challenging authorial hubris, sustainable economic practices, responsible use of non-renewable resources, and rejecting abstraction through reconstituting of the index. 


    Text source: Artist's website

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