What you hear is what you don't see, 2018

Words, Feelings (2:39 Loop)

Whistle (Echo) (4:53 Loop)


Installation view at the Royal College of Art Degree Show, London, 2018


Each Work:

Broadcast Monitor, Flight Case, Keyboard Stand, DVD Player, Amp, Headphones, Extensions, and Nylon Straps
50 x 50 x 180cm


All work and photographs © Daniel Schine Lee

Daniel Schine Lee

  • About the artist

    Education & Employment


    2016-18 MA Fine Art Painting at Royal College of Art (London)

    2013-16 BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design (London)

    2009-10 Fashion & Art Director at YG Entertainment (Seoul)

    2007-08 Fashion Design Course at LCF (London)

    2006-07 Foundation in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design (London)


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  • About the work

    What you hear is what you don’t see.


    Referencing ideas from underground DJ culture, investigative journalism, and experimental film and performance, the artist creates semi-compositional situation; supporting effort of interpretation and participation from its viewers.


    Selected works for this exhibition carry the idea of detour — questioning where the action really is. Both Words, Feelings and Whistle (Echo) are an installation that intends to investigate how we hear sound, read image, and comprehend text.


    Words, Feelings is a retaken excerpt from Pierrot le Fou by Jean-Luc Godard; a scene where the couple’s restless lifestyle away from Paris seems to be upsetting them finally — Marianne and Ferdinand then speak with words and feelings.


    Whistle (Echo) is a retake from a footage of a conversation between former CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald in 2013. The scene depicts a secretive dialogue of signs and symbols between the two about surveillance agencies’ involvement in public surveillance. Again, the artist dubs the motion and remixes the sound of the original.


    Both installation divides the audio from the screen where the sound is audible through headphones behind the wall. Meanwhile, the video; image and text - subtitles are on the other side. Free from material determinations, the installation transmutes a commercial or a political emblem into an artistic scenario.

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    Artist website: dleeschine.com

    Instagram: @daniel.schine.lee