Sabotage Lounge, 2018

Installation, various materials


All work and photographs © Daniel Möring

Daniel Möring

  • About the artist

    Daniel Möring graduated from HFBK Hamburg in 2018 with a Master in Fine Arts. He studied Grafic/Typography/Photography with Prof. Wigger Bierma & Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Lenger.

  • About the work

    'Fascism is once again on our doorstep. It becomes visible when we talk about letting people drown in the Mediterranean and it cruelly silences us through supposed decision-making chains that present no alternatives between the right of residence, overtime, police law, cuts in benefits and the closing of borders. These processes occur in all of our everyday lives, in the office or on the way home. The direction is clear.


    It is said that "Sabotage is the intentional disruption of a process in order to achieve a certain goal".'

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