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All work and photographs © Dana Ariel

Dana Ariel

  • About the artist

    Dana Ariel is an artist practicing in London. She is currently completing her PhD at the Slade School of Fine Art.  

  • Artist statement

    In recent years I have been working on the project Sites of Unlearning: Encountering Perforated Ground. I use photography, printmaking, video, drawing, and text, to create works that attend to the political and ambiguous edges of words and images. My practice explores the photographic print as a site of unlearning. This developed from the fascination with the German verb verlernen that translates to unlearning, or forgetting in English. The detour through the German word suggests notion of loss as well as notions of passivity and activity to the understanding of the term as an ongoing action and a process, one that needs to constantly at work. Another reading of the word could suggest an active intention to forget through gestures of undoing, silent withdrawal or violent rupture and distortion. Through the literal and poetic propositions offered by the word, I revisit sites in Israel, Palestine, Germany, and the UK, which bring into conflict notions of seeing and knowing.

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