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Chris Akordalitis

  • About the artist

    Chris Akordalitis (born 1989 - Paphos, Cyprus) graduated from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in January 2018. Born 1989 -


    2011-2014 under Prof.Tony Cragg

    2014-2018 under Prof. Andreas Schulze 

    2017 Master student of Prof Andreas Schulze

  • Artist statement

    Using images and random moments from the daily routine, I try to create pictures that reflect the simple and "beautiful" life we are living. The warm feeling of a sunset, the playful light of a summer morning, the power of colors and human emotions are the main focus in my work. Paintings that are as effortless as our reality and as uncomplicated as life should be.
    I use  simple forms and shapes with a touch of humor, to highlight the little things we often fail to see. The observer gets the chance to recognize the importance and the quality of these random moments and maybe acknowledge them in a different way


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