Strange Eye 04, 2018

366 cm x 205,8 cm

4.55 ‘min Video Projection

Edition 1/3 + 1 AP


All work and photographs © Carla Benzing

Carla Benzing

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  • About the work

    The shape reminds of a little spaceship, the sound feels uncanny - like a swarm of bees.

    Its movement seems beautifully shy and aggressive at the same time and its cyborg-like nature seems somehow human.


    Heidegger has argued that we will never be able to explore our relation to technology as long as we think about it as something only technological. Thought to the end, this would mean that we remain unfree, chained to the technology, no matter if we approve it or deny it. The most dangerous thing would be to see technology as something neutral, because then we would be completely at the mercy of it and remain blind for its essence being both technical and poetic. Instead, we should be questioning technology.


    Against the backdrop of these thoughts, it is vital to shift our focus away from attempts to control these technologies and push aside fears that they could control us one day. Rather we should be questioning these new forms of technology and try to understand their essence, in terms of their origin, their relation to the human and our common future. At a time in which we seem to sleepwalk into a future of observation and control in social but also political terms, it is essential to reflect on how this future would look like, as we can expect the use of drones in logistic, military and other areas to increase significantly.


    How this will affect being human in general?

    How we will be coexisting with drones?

    What are we becoming?

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