The Nipple Act 1

Digital C-Type print

76 x 76 cm

Edition of 15


All work and photographs © Camila Gonzalez Corea

Camila Gonzalez Corea

  • About the artist

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  • About the work

    The nipple act is a piece which acts as a protest within Instagram and evolves through external submissions.


    It consists of an instagram account which turns photographs of females breasts into images consisting purely of emojis. The intention is to protest against Instagram's sexist terms of use, which allows male nipples to be published on the platform, but bans the posting of female nipples. By transforming images of nipples into a flurry of emojis, these new images are unable to be immediately banned from the platform. The aim of this project is to promote the normalisation and de-fetishisation of the female nipple.


    If/When the account is banned, it returns immediately under the same name with repeated letters on the end of the url.

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