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All work and photographs © Boaz Torfstein

Boaz Torfstein

  • About the artist


    2016-2018 MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martin's

    2006-2009 BA Behavioral Sciences, Ben Gurion University, Israel 

    2004-2006 Visual Communications, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, Israel


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  • Artist statement

    As new media/technology increasingly fills our world, I am drawn to the simple act of looking. Looking directly at the object I am studying, with no filters and technological assistance that are rapidly becoming part of our core self. Even something as trivial as the crop of the frame or the screen luminosity can give a whole new and completely different context to the object. In a very similar way to how the digital revolution has changed personal communication, it has altered contemporary drawing. Using cameras, phones, computers and projectors has indeed allowed for huge leaps in the art, but has also left laying on the side a simpler more direct truth. In trying to capture a passerby, with no means of prolonging the moment, you must act swiftly. One good look to try and capture the essence of the frame. From that point it’s down to memory and imagination to complete the representation.

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