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Beate Neubert

  • About the artist

    Beate Neubert graduated from HGB Leipzig in February 2018. She studied in the Painting with Cross-Media Orientation class taught by Prof. Ingo Meller.

  • About the work

    The central theme in Beate Neubert's work is communication: communication with oneself, with the outside world, and with society. The focus is on questions of emancipation for men and women as well as the (self)image of women. In her paintings, Neubert uses veils on her figures to conceal the mirror of her personality. This contrasts strongly with the lingerie, which is often worn by her feminine-androgynous figures. They deal openly with their sexuality and their bodies, while their thoughts elude the viewer. In doing so, the symbolic meaning of the veil is expanded and opens up a view that goes beyond the religious and emancipatory discussion: What does it for a woman to elude the gaze? Why do we have to reveal ourselves to the world? Do we have to share or communicate our feelings? As for her art, Beate Neubert says: "For me, a painting is not finished until I can fall asleep underneath it."


    Text in German by Nina Behnisch