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All work and photographs © Astrid Kajsa Nylander

Astrid Kajsa Nylander

  • About the artist

    2016-2018    MFA, HfBK Hamburg
    2016             San Francisco Art Institute
    2012-2016    BFA, HfBK Hamburg


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  • About the work

    'The general interest in my work is to review the language we use to describe structures and how bodies (organisms) react to these structures. It can be in terms of art history, how bodies are measured, compared and reacting to reproductive systems, or structures of extracting resources— the discrepancy of those who make laws and those who have to follow them.

    For my graduation I presented a series of paintings that I call the ”THE REVIEW”. The word review has multiple meanings; a return, an inspection, a reflection, it can be a survey and of course a text in which works of art are evaluated and contextualized. I was thinking about what a review could be and if it is something artists could exchange with each other, on their own terms, in their languages. I invited three music producers to reflect the paintings in rhythm or sound. By scanning the codes next to the paintings you are redirected to my website where you can listen to the recordings.' 


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