Nexus, 2018

Mixed media installation 

247 x 295 x 645 cm


All work and photographs © Asa Desouza-Jones

Asa Desouza-Jones

  • About the artist

    In my practice, I explore the accidental and contingent as positive opportunities within art production to create new experiences beyond the functional qualities of mass-produced equipment.



    Central Saint Martins, MA Contemporary Photography; Practices & Philosophies: 2016 – 2018

    Nottingham Trent University, BA Photography: 2007 - 2010


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  • About the work

    The proliferation of images as substitutes for the physical world has resulted in humans becoming passive users of screens; experiencing the world through images. This dominant situation promises an often illusory representation of realities.


    In Nexus, visitors walk through a corridor enclosed by polythene plastic sheeting. These sheets had been deliberately and previously left to accumulate the unintentional paint from others working in a communal spray paint room.


    The zip doorways and paint stained plastic sheeting, evoke the environment of a scientific laboratory. Instead of using these sheets in the traditional way: to protect surfaces from contamination during construction works, the stained sheets act like a recording surface collecting the formation of images, similar to the photographic process.


    Concurrently an intermittent projected flash of light from the far end has connotations of a camera flash. This illuminates the environment and distorts the sight of participants while also drawing them through the corridor towards the final section. This contains a darkened iPad screen on an eroded and swollen piece of sheet steel.


    In a sense, the corridor creates a route similar to physically entering the back of a screen, through a production lab of images and exiting at the front revealing the illusion of representation.


    Text provided by the artist

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