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All work and photographs © Arthur Trombetta

Arthur Trombetta

  • About the artist

    Arthur Trombetta (born 1992) is a French Artist based in Kent, UK. He completed his BA in photography and Video Art at the University of Bedfordshire in 2016 and graduated from his MA Contemporary Photography: Practices and Philosophies at Central Saint Martins, London in 2018


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  • Artist statement

    My practice is centered around the ambiguous nature of the image which flickers with the sophistication of new technology. I am amazed by how it is now possible to create an image from nothing and yet make it realistic enough to trick the viewer of its real nature - how can we tell if an image is authentic ? Throughout  my practice, mixing mediums such as painting, photography and sometimes video art and drawings, helps me to experiment and create images in an attempt to create artwork similar to satellite photographs, maps or planets. I often present my work as accurate scientific documents in order to challenge an audience in questioning if what they are being told or shown is fact or fiction. 


    The current path of my work is now leading toward a reflection about what the viewer chooses to see within an image rather than relying on the facts he is provided with. 

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