Retainment, 2018

Metal, sandblasted glass, paper, tulip wood, marble, ceramic bowls, used pencil, metal clip, ink pad, engraved foam, Grandfather’s stamp, used ruler, engraved foam, sundeala


All work and photographs © Anna Gonzalez Noguchi

Anna Gonzalez Noguchi

  • About the artist


    Based in London


    MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art 2016-2018

    BA Sculpture, Brighton University 


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  • About the work

    Informed by my cross-cultural heritage— I remove , relocate and reconstruct objects in different geographic territories. I renegotiate memory and investigate our capacity to anchor experience in tangible forms. 


    Bowls are not bowls as they are solid; memories, sensations and archives formulate new vessels that coexist within a foreign territory. 


    Vacant substructure gives way to surface which distills again into pristine faces, with cut outs to locate objects within proximity, bestowed with the weight of greater responsibility through their attendance. Hand-crafted objects, industrially finished surfaces, prosaic artefacts and images are layered, and through this a shift in meaning and purpose is acquired. I seek to challenge and refine the combination of industrial, handmade and pre-existing objects towards articulating different states of remembering.


    Text provided by the artist

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