Der 7. Fall, 2018

Video installation

Dimensions variable


copyright all images: Andrėja Šaltytė

Andrėja Šaltytė

  • About the artist

    Andrėja Šaltytė graduated from HGB Leipzig in February 2018. She studied in the Visual Arts class taught by Prof. Helmut Mark.

  • About the work

    His fingers drum nervously on the table top. A newspaper rustles. Someone's trying to hide behind it. Another is drilling a hole in a Bible. Fingers drum. A song sounds. It's his voice. But he doesn't sing it. Not officially. Three scenes from the Ukrainian village Velyka Chernihivka, in which the current crisis between the state and the rest of eternal Sovietism can be clearly felt. Here, where language has been instrumentalized by media and power wars for years, the voice of local society is adapted to the new politics. Choir songs should preserve the unfailing image of Velyka Chernihivka. An image that hides another physiognomy of the social body. Outsiders experience an almost insubstantial distance from everything personal. Unspoken words that cannot be overheard. The camera catches them and scratches the official face of the village.


    Text in German by Anna Hofer