The ruins of tomorrow, 2017-2018
timber, plywood, plaster, recycled IKEA timber, cardboard, yarn, silicone, carbon drawing 
500 x 500 x 300 cm


All work and photographs © Aleksandr Tishkov

Aleksandr Tishkov

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  • About the work

    For my final project, I was responding to the biblical conception of paradise, questioning the idea of our possibility to be welcome there in the afterlife. For this reason, I chose to produce a staircase construction because it symbolically combines an earthly ecosystem with a transcendental one. However, the stairs I have created are curved, refusing the possibility of ever climbing them. The wood structure is reminiscent of a theatrical stage set, rather than an imitation of reality. This is intended to reframe the religious image of paradise, satirising its sincerity and instead translating it into a prop for a play. I have incorporated materials such as plaster and cardboard, replicating the plants and palm trees often associated with paradise, highlighting their artificiality and absurdity.


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