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All work and photographs © Adia Wahid

Adia Wahid

  • About the artist


    2016-2018 Royal College of Art, London 

    2008 -2012 Chelsea College of Arts and Design, London 

    2007-2008 Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, London 

    1991-1993 London School of Economics and Political Science


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  • Artist statement

    'My work is slow but then images flash before me at speed. The brain is strange in the way it is able to process and create reality. Something is not there and then it is there: a drawing might mediate such a passage between absence and presence. This corresponds to the process of recording and erasing. Memory should in turn always be coupled with oblivion.


    On an imaginary level I am holding a cuneiform tablet in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. The difference in time between these two memory technologies is 5,000 years. The weight of the two objects is similar but my mind whirls in its attempt to create a virtual image or diagram of the time that has passed between. There is a pattern of reiteration and difference, a weave of this process in time. The brain is able to weave by virtue of its recording ability because of its need to register what is not yet.


    For an economy to produce new forms it must have a sense of experiment and within my own aesthetic format the reiterative dimension is always posed on the edge of a speculation or experiment. I am absorbed within discrete histories such as carpet and textile weaving, writing tablets, mathematical syntax, computing, and painting. On the level of self-reflection I am fascinated by the proximity of the technological and the aesthetic whilst struggling to find forms capable of extending the limited experience of what lies in-between.'


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