About Art Springboard

Art Springboard is a nonprofit organization. Our goal is to support artists who have recently finished art degrees by helping them develop their careers and enter the professional art world.


Art Springboard does this by:

  • Providing an online platform that actively promotes artists' work to an international audience.

  • Offering  gallerists, curators, and collectors the opportunity to discover and to connect with artists.

  • Providing free professional advice on all aspects of starting a career as an artist.

  • Organizing exhibition projects with the artists on its platform and connecting them with curators.

Art Springboard connects artists to galleries, curators, journalists, and other art world professionals. It helps professionals get an overview of the talent coming out of the world's top art schools and allows collectors and art lovers to discover artists and directly connect with the artists or their galleries. 

Art Springboard does not present a curated selection of artists. To be presented on Art Springboard, an artist must hold a Master's degree or equivalent from one of the art schools featured on our website. We aim to show a complete degree show and include the full group of Master's students graduating each year so that you can experience the whole show online on Art Springboard. We believe this is a great way both to get a sense of the artwork coming out of a particular institution as well as to identify talented young artists.

Art Springboard for artists

On Art Springboard, we feature artists who have completed a Master's degree or equivalent from one of the participating art schools. There are absolutely no strings attached for artists to be included on the Art Springboard platform. Our goal is to help you promote your work to gallerists, curators, and collectors. 


You are in control of how much information about you and your artwork is included on Art Springboard. If we are contacted by somebody who is interested in getting in touch with you or buying your work, we pass this information directly on to you and hope that something fruitful comes of the connection. You can provide us with images and details of new works and updates on your exhibition history, as well as other news so that we can keep your profile up-to-date. And if you want to change or remove information on your profile, just let us know. 


If you start working with a gallery, please let us know and we will publicize and celebrate the good news. We are also happy to provide a link to the gallery on Art Springboard.


We would love to hear from you! Please get in touch if you have general questions or feedback or if you’re a student or graduate from an art school that is not yet featured on Art Springboard and would be interested in being included.  

Art Springboard for gallerists

We believe that there is no better way to see art than in the context of an exhibition. Gallerists who work with artists, exhibit their work, and help support and build artists’ careers are essential to the art world. We hope that the Art Springboard platform provides you with a useful tool to see what talent is coming out of art schools and to find artists to collaborate and work with.


Art Springboard does not represent artists. We are not a gallery. We see ourselves as a tool that helps connect artists with gallerists. We’re always happy to learn that an artist has been taken on by a gallery. We’ll celebrate the good news and provide a link to your gallery in the artist’s Art Springboard profile. 


One of our goals is to present a complete overview of a degree show, which means that you’ll be able to see all the artists and the exhibited works included in the degree shows that we cover. Art Springboard’s platform helps you develop a sense of the overall developments by art school and year. Obviously, nothing beats going to the degree show in person, but Art Springboard is as close as it gets!

Art Springboard for buyers and collectors

Gallerists, curators, and art world professionals go to degree shows at the best art schools to discover talented artists. Why not go where the professionals go? Visit your local art school's degree show and see degree shows on Art Springboard. We are happy to connect you directly with the artist or their gallery, so that you have the chance to buy an artwork you love early on in an artist's career. What better way to support an artist starting out in their professional career?

Art Springboard for journalists and art critics

Art Springboard aims to present artworks by every Master's student who exhibits at a degree show, so that you can experience the full show online. Seeing the entire group of artists showcasing their work is a great way to get a sense of the artwork coming out of a particular institution. It provides an opportunity for journalists and art critics to see trends or themes emerging, to identify artists to interview, and to compare the work that emerges from different art academies. Art Springboard is a resource for those who write about the visual arts and culture, as well as established and emerging art critics. We welcome ideas for collaborations, so please contact us with your thoughts or for more information on how to engage with artists presented on Art Springboard.